Navigation License Marbella

Navigation License

The navigation license allows the operation of both sailing and motor boats of up to 6 meters in length and without Power Limit. With this license, you can also get jet skis.

Motor boats and Jet Skis without Power Limit

  • Theoretical classes

    2 h

  • Practical classes

    4 h
    Boat Jeanneau Cap Camarat 555 DC

  • Navigation License Prices

    Summer | 180€
    Winter | 150€
  • Offers

    Consult low season offers


Convalidation of the Navigation Licence (Titulín)

At Marbella Sports Boat you can renew the navigation license (titulín) or obtain a new navigation license without power limit. The navigation license (titulín) is more popularly known as the Federative License.

  • Low Season Price

    Convalidation of the Navigation License | 120€

    Only Practices

  • Precio Temporada Alta

    Convalidation of the Navigation License | 150€

    Only Practices

Attributions and Requirements for the Navigation License

Licenses for the administration of class C jet skis (without power limit) and recreational boats up to 6 meters in length, which will enable them to carry out daytime navigations where the user does not go more than 2 nautical miles in any direction of a port, marina or protected place.

Among the requirements for a navigation license are:

  • Authorisation of Parents or Guardians

    Underage users who have reached the age of 16 at the time of the examination, must provide written approval from parents or guardians. To pass a medical exam.

  • Legal Age

    It is not necessary to have any prior certifications, only be 18 years of age at the time of the examination.

  • Theoretical Course

    Complete a 2 hours-theory course.

  • Mandatory Practice

    Perform the necessary “Navigation and safety” 4 hour practice.




By getting the Navigation License with Us


Navigation Club

Enjoy all the benefits of the Marbella Sports Boat Navigation Club. If you get the license with us, you can enjoy 1 year free as a member of the club. By joining our Nautical Club, you can sail from €27/h, change boats and try different models of boats.

  • Navigation License

    First year free when completing the navigation license with us

  • Buggy Tour for 2

    If you already have the license, you will get a welcome gift of a buggy tour for two people

  • Special Bonuses

    Access to exclusive bonuses and sail from €27/h

  • Discounts

    You will enjoy a 20% discount on any rental or activity that we offer

  • Annual fee

    The yearly cost per member will be €120

  • Member Card

    The social card will be personal and non-transferable

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