Marbella Buggies Tour

We have extensive experience in running Buggy Tours in Marbella through the Serrania de la Costa del Sol. We ensure that you will enjoy one of the spectacular guided buggies tours that we offer. Enjoy the scenery, the stunning views and the adrenaline of driving one of these vehicles through roads full of adventure, excitement, and nature.

  • Capacity

    Two-seater Buggy

  • Model

    ZForce 550

  • Engine

    500 cc SOHC EFI (Bosch injection) 38CV

  • Marbella Buggy Tour Prices

    1h | 90€
    2h | 150€
    4h | 250€

What do our Buggy Tours include?

At Marbella Sports Boat we take care of organising the buggy tours so that you will be free to relax, enjoy and have fun. When you choose us, you will receive a full service with guided trips through the Serrania de la Costa del Sol.

Besides, all the tours we offer include:

Scarves and dust jackets

Do you want to enjoy the Marbella Buggies Tours?

Tours in Marbella

Our Marbella Bubbies Tour services are based on organised of guided tours along the Costa del Sol. We take care of all the planning so that you get an enjoyable experience in an environment full of nature where you can feel the excitement of driving a buggy.

Among our trips are our La Cantera tour, our El Castaño Santo tour and a trip through the mountains of Ojén – among many others.


La Cantera Tour

Duration : 1 h
Distance : 18 km


Ojén Tour

Duration : 2h
Distance : 35 Km


Embalse Tour

Duration : 4h
Distance : 63 Km


Custom Tour

Duration : +4h
Distance : Ilimitada


Embalse Tour 2h

Duration : 2h
Distance : 30 Km


Castaño Santo Tour

Duration : 4h
Distance : 66 Km


Puerto Bermejo Tour

Duration : 4h
Distance : 67,6 Km

Who are our services suitable for?

Our Buggies Marbella Tours are the perfect activity for anyone who is curious about nature and want to discover the Serrania of the Costa del Sol in a differently and exciting way.

It is a perfect activity to do during the holidays, to give as a gift or even to organise it as a company event or as a staff day out.

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